"Welcome to Telarium"
C. David Seuss, President of
Telarium, Fall 1984

"I've been a game player for years, and as you might expect, I've been interested in computer adventure games for just about as long as the computer has been around. Ever since the original Adventure, I've eagerly tried every new game that's come along. And I've always been frustrated. It's no fun when the "story" suffers from a distinct lack of plot and character development. I wanted real character interaction, a chance to encounter new worlds, deal with new situations. Instead, I often spent hours playing "guess what word the parser is looking for" and solving trivial puzzles.

Puzzles are fine, but lots of meaningless puzzles and the frustration of getting terminally stuck just don't do it for me. In each TELARIUM game, you are the main character. All the puzzles you encounter are ones that would be encountered if you were really there. TELARIUM is the expression of a would-be adventure game player. We've worked hard to produce games that aren't filled with the frustrations that have plagued so many other games, and to build in real plots and characters. We're not all the way there yet. But we're trying. Let me know what you think."

Founded in 1984as "Trillium", Telarium worked on involving the translation of classical and modern literature into interactive, multimedia formats. They wrote "Fahrenheit 451" (Ray Bradbury), "Rendezvous with Rama" (Arthur C. Clarke) and "Amazon" (Michale Crichton) in 1984 analog to the novels. 1985 saw "Nine Princes in Amber" (Roger Zelazny) and "Perry Mason" (Erle Stanley Gardner), "Dragonworld" (Preiss/Reaves) and the last two titles "The Scoop" (Agatha Christie) and "Shadowkeep" (Alan Dean Foster) were published in 1989. Their excellent games and their beautiful packages make TELARIUM-products worth collecting.

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