About the Author

Born 1974 in Berlin, Germany, I started collecting Interactive Fiction in the early 80's. I was fascinated by Infocom's games as well as the Magnetic Scrolls series. While collecting these, I learned more and more about other manufacturers like Level 9, Telarium, Adventure International, etc. whose games are worth collecting too. I realised that collecting information about the games is as much important as having the original packages in the shelf. This is the reason, why Stefan Meier and I started www.if-legends.org. It is an attempt to get IF related sites together. One server as a central point. Be sure to check it out. My other projects are The Level 9 Memorial, a huge information page about Level 9 and The Adventure Market, an online marketplace for the old games (designed and programmed together with Paul David Doherty). Finally, It's a pleasure to meet IF-people. Among them are Stuart Allen, Paul David Doherty, Christopher E. Forman, Tom Mage, Miron Schmidt and Peter Schoen. If you'll ever come to Germany, feel free to mail:

Besides IF, I have studied Jazz Guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Berlin and am still playing/recording music. If you are interested, check out www.manuel-schulz.com.

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