Related stuff

This is a short list of IF-related stuff in the Internet. It is for those who want more detailed information about specific companies or games.

a Specific manufacturer/company information

PDD´s Adventure Page
by Paul David Doherty, one of the best pages about IF in the net.

Infocom Fact-Sheet
by Paul David Doherty, contains all available information about Infocom.

Level 9 Fact-Sheet
by Miron Schmidt and Manuel Schulz.

Stefan Meier´s Magnetic Scrolls Memorial
Beautiful MS-page with lots of scans and infos.

Originally by Hans Persson, now maintained by Stefan Meier. You will find nothing you won´t find there...

The Unofficial Infocom Homepage
by Pete Scheyen, probably the best infocom-site in the net.

b Newsgroups, archives and newsletters /
Newsgroups concerning all aspects of interactive fiction games or programming (arts).

The most important archive. Contents games, tools and information to download.

Irregular newsletter by Eileen Mullin. Download at IF-Archive or see

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Purchasing IF today

It´s a never ending list, but I tried to pick out the most important sources. If you are looking for several games, check out:

The Adventure Market
Maintained by Paul David Doherty and Manuel Schulz, the Adventure Market is an interactive Market in wich you can place ads for searching, selling or trading.

Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
By C.E. Forman. One of the best sources to get old IF-games. Many features like a waiting list and shipping overseas.

Infocom Roulette
Graeme Cree´s irregular Infocom Roulette features many famous infocom grey-boxes and folios. Aution.
There are often ads for sales.

Try searching the Usenet for sales/offers.

Software and More
Good service, mailing list and lots of great items.

Tom Mage
Finds lots of rare items. Current list at:

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Without the help of the following people this guide would never have been possible:

Petra Bunge, Graeme Cree, Stefan Meier, Tom Mage, Bernhard Monien, Paul David Doherty, Richard Hewison, Miron Schmidt and Peter Schoen for sending me Scans for different games.

Paul David Doherty, Richard Hewison, Stefan Meier, Hans Persson and Miron Schmidt for giving valuable information.

Miron Schmidt for spell-checking.

Extra scanning credits to Jan-Ole Christian, Paul David Doherty, Miron Schmidt and C.E. Forman.

My friend Christopher E. Forman for all his support, information and two unofficial "price conferences".

Lotte Palm for all her patience and lovely support.


some who prefer to remain anonymous.

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Nov. 1997 to Feb. 1998 Writing the first Beta 1.0 wich allows me to go through it with a pencil and check what´s missing.
Beta 1.0 was finished at 02.02.1998.
Feb. 1998 to Apr. 1998 Collecting information and filling many holes to get a Beta 1.5 wich allows me to fill in the prices and missing information.
Beta 1.5 was finished at 21.04.1998.
Apr. 1998 to Aug. 1998 Final collecting of scans and infos, Beta 2.0-printout to put in page-numbers, relations and the index.
Beta 2.0 was finished at 11.08.1998
Aug. 1998 Last Beta-printout to check and correct the relations and do final spell- and content checking.
Beta 2.5. was ready at 16.08.1998
Aug. 1998 First Release of Edition 1.0 at 21.08.1998 after 9 months of constant hard work!
May 2001 Starting first programming work for getting the guide into the World Wide Web.
June 2001 Finally launched the webbified Guide.

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