How to use the guide

First of all, I would like to explain how to use the guide. There are some tricky browsing options who need some explaination. I will also explain how to do your own contributions to the guide.

Browsing the guide
Opening the guide reveals it's Table of Contents. You can read about the rating/values, the shortening of the systems and some definitions in the Introduction. The Appendix deals with some related things and an alphabetical/manufacturer index. In section 2, the guide itself, you see an alphabetical index of all available manufacturers. Each manufacturer starts with an essay, some of them written by people who were involved. When you start browsing the games, you will see them in their alphabetical order. Use the "Back" and "Forward" icons to navigate. If you are using the alphabetical index in the appendix, you will get all available games in alphabetical order. Be sure to know what kind of "browsing mode" you are using.

Using the contents for your own activities
All the stuff here is free. You can browse, download, or use the contents as you like. The only thing I want is to know what you are doing with it. If you are using the pics for your own site, please send the URL. It would be also nice of you, linking/crediting the guide. Just let me know. I am always interested in your projects and in learning new things about IF.

There is missing information or scans for some games. If you have those, it would be nice of you sending these. The more feedback I can get the better the next update. Please feel free to contact me in the About the Author section. If you are missing a game, please check out the following before mailing: Is this games really IF? See the Some definitions section for details. If so, you are welcome to suggest this game, if not: please don't mail.

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